Marinated codfish alla Carrarina, is a traditional recipe from the city of Carrara. This very tasty and inviting dish in both summer and winter would require a decidedly long and complex preparation.
Il Sogno Verde offers it in a ready-made version, great for dressing dry or fresh pasta. We chose it because it is a different condiment than usual, excellent when accompanied by a cool glass of white wine.

Datasheet Marinated Codfish

Scheda tecnica Baccalà marinato

Baccalà Marinato conf. 220gr.


Storage Ambient sterilized by autoclave at 121 degrees outside the refrigerator on the shelf or in the pantry Shelf-life 2 years from the date of packaging, to be stored under appropriate conditions in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Once the jar is opened, the package should be stored in the refrigerator 0/4 degrees and consumed no later than 3 days