Organic Zero-Mileage Product

Eat healthy with products from the Green Dream

We are committed every day to growing the best organic vegetables, bringing to your table all the goodness and freshness of freshly harvested vegetables.

Choose ready-made sauces from the Sogno Verde organic line. You will receive directly to your home the best products from the garden and the tastiest and most genuine sauces of the Tuscan tradition of sea and land.


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Ragù di Mare

A traditional recipe from the Leghorn. Quick and easy to bring the goodness of the sea to your table in every season!


Sugo di triglia

A sauce refined in color and flavor. Ideal for seasoning a summer pasta dish, for a quick but healthy and tasty meal or to celebrate a very special occasion.

sugo di moscardini

Sugo di Moscardini

A really tasty. A great classic capable of never disappointing


Sugo al Nero di Seppia

A sauce with an intense and delicate for a first course tasty and sea-flavored


Sugo alla salsiccia e profumo al tartufo

A full-bodied, flavorful sauce in the round. round. Ideal for serving with homemade noodles, fresh pasta or spaghetti

sugo di pesce alla Toscana il sogno verde

Sugo di pesce alla Toscana

One of the most beloved sauces in the Mediterranean cookbook. Its versatility makes it excellent in many occasions: as an aperitif paired with crostoni of homemade bread, wrapped in waffles of Parmesan cheese or as a condiment for fresh and dry pasta


Ragù Vegetariano

A flavorful and tasty solution for all vegetable lovers. Vegetarian ragout is a simple and traditional. It lends itself perfectly to dressing a dish of noodles, to garnish baked pasta or to make 100% vegan an excellent pan of homemade lasagna.

Baccala marinato

Sugo di Baccalà Marinato

A sauce with an intense and delicate for a first course tasty and sea-flavored

Oggi mangiamo toscano?

Dalle cucine del Sogno Verde non solo sughi ma anche tanti piatti tipici della tradizione toscana
tutti ordinabili sul nostro Shop.

Il Sogno Verde offre un servizio di spesa e cucina con consegna direttamente a casa completo, buono e sano.

Verdure biologiche dell’orto, sughi pronti toscani e piatti tipici della nostra tradizione ogni volta che vuoi.

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